Window Karaoke Cocktail Party

May 8 - May 30


“Window Karaoke Cocktail Party” Exclusive Video *

Hosted by David Button and Autumn Schneider, featuring several at-home performances by popular Clear Space actors like Emma Pittman, Kolten BellThe Family Jewells and Melanie Bradley, as well as popular Clear Space faces, Erin & Darren Bobby, Mackenzie Jones & Jacob Waldron and Alan Krisfalusi, showcasing their cocktail recipes in this hour-long extended version of Window Karaoke.



The “Window Karaoke Cocktail Party” video is available on May 8th through May 30th

For just $25, the cost of a theatre ticket, a link to this video will be emailed safely to your home.  The revenue from the video goes directly to the Clear Space Theatre COVID-19 relief fund.  Additional donations made to Clear Space Theatre’s COVID-19 Relief Fund will be matched, up to $2500, for a donation to Beebe Healthcare COVID-19 Relief.   Matching donations made possible by Broadpoint Construction.

* A link to the prerecorded video will be sent to your email after the release on May 8, 2020.


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