From Monday, 29 June 2015, to Saturday, 05 September 2015

  • Music By: Jonathan Larson
  • Lyrics By: Jonathan Larson
  • Book By: Jonathan Larson
  • Choreographer: Devon Frieder
  • Musical Director: Melanie Bradley


This Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians in New York’s East Village. The group struggles to maintain their friendships and non-conformist ways as they deal with love, loss and contemporary life in one of the most powerful scores in recent Broadway history.


Andrew Cuccaro  (Mark)

Alec Nevin (Roger)

Mili Diaz (Mimi)

Jonny Cortes  (Angel)

Michael McCann (Collins)

Erin Williams (Maureen)

Monique Scott  (Joanne)

Andrew Russell  (Benny)

Ensemble (Vendors, Neighbors, Junkies, etc.)

Andrew Russell

Annelise Pajewski

Peyton Lynch

Meghan Deeley

Ashley O’Donnell

Devon Frieder

Kendyl Ito

Mikaela Holmes

Kelsey Gondek

Julia Bloom

Clear Space Theatre Company