From Friday, 20 March 2015, to Sunday, 05 April 2015


This ground-breaking musical examines the pros and cons of marriage as seen through the eyes of Robert, a bachelor celebrating his 35th birthday, who is not encouraged to “take the plunge” as he watches his married friends fight, plan affairs, talk of divorce, and take refuge in recreational substances. In spite of his friends’ failings, he comes to the conclusion that there is no point in “Being Alive” unless there is someone to share it with.

Matt Lewis (Robert)

Candice Jewell (Sarah)
Anthony Natoli (Harry)

Amy Denham (Susan)
Mitchel Troescher (Peter)

Lorraine Steinhoff (Jenny)
Peyton Lynch (David)

Sydney Gray (Amy)
Steven Dow (Paul)

Valorie Jarrell (Joanne)
Colin James (Larry)

Katharine Ariyan (Marta)
Nancy Curry (Marta)
Erin Williams (Marta)
Cat Timko (Kathy)
Dara Parsons (April)


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Clear Space Theatre Company