From Saturday, 04 March 2017, to Sunday, 05 March 2017

  • By: Marvia Joye Watkins and September Penn


RAISE THE ROOF with Clear Space and Immanuel Shelter!

Presented in collaboration with the Immanuel Shelter, CARDBOARD STORIES pulls homelessness to the forefront. An original piece created for the nonprofit Pinellas County Coalition for the Homeless by Watkins and Penn, CARDBOARD STORIES tells the tale of the different worlds of homelessness and how it affects all of us.

Following the presentation of CARDBOARD STORIES, enjoy a concert by Julie Clark.

CARDBOARD STORIES focuses on a woman who aged out of foster care, gave birth to a baby girl and became homeless in Williams Park. There she meets Hope, a college student who helps her begin to see her hardships as opportunities.

Julie Clark

JULIE CLARK is a multi-award-winning Folk/Pop artist based in Virginia. She tours nationally, performing at premiere festivals and venues across the U.S. Known for her unique voice and heartfelt delivery, Julie’s critically acclaimed songwriting addresses a broad range of human experience, including love in its many forms. Julie has a special love for Rehoboth Beach and the friends she’s made here. She feels both honored and delighted to be part of this special evening to benefit Immanuel Shelter and Clear Space.

“I’m so happy to be part of CARDBOARD STORIES,” says actress Katie Ariyan (Allie), “I’ve always loved social action theatre, and this piece brings to light an issue I’m not sure many people even know exists in Sussex County. I hope – when they leave the theatre – our audience members will know this is just a moment in these characters’ lives. Homelessness is not the end of the journey for these people; they are working to change their situations and need all the help and empathy we can muster to enable them to do so.”

Rex Rogosch, a member of Immanuel Shelter’s Board, echoes Ariyan’s sentiments: “We hope people will become aware of homelessness in our area, as well as homelessness in general. We also hope this play and Julie's concert help underscore that homelessness can affect many different types of people, who come from many different social, gender and age groups.”

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ALLIE                                         Katharine Ariyan
HOPE                                        Cat Timko
JACK                                         Glenn Vitale
OPENER 9                                 Jean Houck
AMANDA/OPENER 7                 Tara Wisley
STATISTICIANS                         Cheryl Graves, Elyse Moore, Aleta Thompson, Amy Warick
OPENER 8                                 Randi Miller
"HIM"/OPENER 6                       Rex Rogosch
LEXIE                                         Lena Bellistri
OPENER 5                                 Loretta Ulmer
OPENER 3                                 Leah Reynolds
VOLUNTEER 3/OPENER 4       Anna Samodai
MISS EVELYN                           Lara Bellistri
OPENER 1                                Dale Smith

is presented by special arrangements with Ms. Watkins and Ms. Penns.

Clear Space Theatre Company