From Saturday, 02 March 2019, to Sunday, 03 March 2019

  • Runtime: Two hours fifteen minutes with intermission
  • By: Clare Booth Luce


The author carries us through a number of varied
scenes and shows us not only a somewhat
unflattering picture of womanhood, but digging
under the surface, reveals a human understanding
for and sympathy with some of its outstanding figures. The plot involves the
efforts of a group of women to play their respective roles in an artificial society
that consists of vain show, comedy, tragedy, hope and disappointment. Aside
from the novelty of a large cast of women (no male characters at all), the show
is an immensely entertaining panorama of our modern metropolitan world
from the feminine viewpoint.

Performances include a pre-show reception, please check website for more details.

Proceeds Benefit Fund For Women and Clear Space Scholarship Fund.

Sponsored by Bell Rock Capital

Individual Tickets on Sale January 11, 2019

Clear Space Theatre Company